Marital Advice from Divorce Lawyers

Marital Advice from Divorce Lawyers

In a recent Forbes’ magazine article, marriage and divorce professionals offered their advice for staying married. These professionals included divorce lawyers. While a lot of the information is common sense and is often repeated, it is amazing how it continues to be a constant problem for most marriages.

  1. Synchronize things – Make sure you both know what’s going for that day, week, month and year. Who’s picking up the kids etc This type of mis-communication can lead to unnecessary heartache especially in this hyperactive world.

  2. Act like teammates – teammates work toward a common goal and help each other along the way.

  3. Be wary of technology and your devices – Put down the tablet and talk to your spouse for a change!

  4. Communicate about money – Having differing values about money can be stressful and ruin a good marriage.

  5. Date your spouse – Date night baby!

  6. Household chores – This is a good old battle ground! For neat freaks it can be an absolute disaster so know yourself and your spouse.

  7. Sign pre-nup – Bring a little bit of change with you? Protect yourself. I think its absolutely horrible to think about divorce just when you are about to have your dream wedding, but the world we live in has too many marriages ending in trouble not to protect yourself.

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