Limited Divorce on Constructive Desertion

Maryland individuals can seek limited divorce on the ground of constructive desertion. To sustain the complaint successfully, one must alleged that the other spouse’s conduct rendered the marital relation intolerable and compelled him or her to leave.  Any misconduct that makes it impossible for one party to stay in the marriage without

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Limited Divorce on Desertion Ground

Maryland individuals can obtain a limited divorce on the ground of desertion pursuant to Md. Code Family Law 7-102(a)(3). A party seeking a limited divorce on desertion ground needs to prove that:

1. The ending of cohabitation – end of sexual relations

2. Intent f the deserter to end the marriage

3. Intent to abandon and end the

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Absolute Divorce on the Ground of Desertion

An absolute Divorce on the ground of desertion requires:

1. The Desertion continued for 12 months without interruption before filing of divorce complaint – Parties have to show that they have not resumed relations or slept under the same roof for over 12 months.

2. Proof that the desertion was deliberate and final

3. There is no

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Divorce on Adultery Ground Requires Corroboration, Disposition and Opportunity

Individuals filing for divorce in Maryland can proceed on the ground of adultery by the their spouse. To successfully do so, one must have a witness who can testify as to the adultery. Secondly, one must show that the cheating spouse had the space, time and location to do engage in extramarital affair. An example, an out of town trip with

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Divorce and Custody Lawyer

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Maryland Divorce and Custody Lawyer

Are you considering filing for divorce or are you ready a party to a divorce proceeding? This can be time filled with difficult decisions and emotional turmoil. I can help you understand how to achieve your goals and aggressively protect your rights.

I work with both men and women throughout Maryland in divorce and custody proceedings. Every family is unique and therefore each case is unique. With this philosophical understanding, I take the time to fully understand your case and develop my representation to help you accomplish your goals.

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                                        DIVORCE ISSUES

As a Maryland divorce lawyer, I regularly help my client address these key issues:

Alimony or spousal support - I will help you determine whether alimony should be paid and, if so, the amount and length of payments.

Division of marital property - I will work with you to put together an agreement to equitable divide the debts and assets of your marriage, including real and personal property, retirement funds and business assets. 

Legal separation agreements - If you are at the beginning stages of a separation, I can help you put together an agreement that governs all relevant issues.

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