Out of State Same-Sex Couples Can Divorce in Maryland

In a 2012 ruling reviewed by our Maryland divorce lawyer, the Court of Appeals held that sames sex couples with a valid marriage from another state can obtaina divorce in Maryland as long as they meet all other requirements such as residency.

This is an important ruling because this issue is bound to become more and more states allow s

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Child Support and Divorce Judgment Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitation for Child Support Payments and Divorce Judgments
You must file a contempt petition for failure to make support payments within three years of the date such payments become due. FL § 11-102. Failure to do so could result in the payor could assert the doctrine of laches. See Green v. Green, 288 Md. 127, 133, 415 A.2d

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Grand Parents’ Right to Visitation

Grand Parent’s Right to Visitation in Maryland
As a Mayrland divorce laywer, I often get calls from grandparents seeking visitation whenever the custodial parent denies visitation and the other parent is unable to intervene whether it is because they are jail or, sadly, have passed away. A grand parent’s request for visitation with a gr

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What is Marital Property when its comes to Personal Injury or Workers’ Comp Awards

Is my spouse’s Personal Injury Settlement or Workers’ Compensation Award Marital Property
Maryland applies what is known as the analytical approach, into determine the facts that resulted in a settlement or award for the claimant and not merely the time of the claim or resolution of it. See Blake v. Blake, 341 Md. 326, 346-47 (1996); Que

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Third Party Custody Rules

Factors to Consider when a Third Party Seeks Custody
Several times a month, as a Baltimore County custody lawyer, I get calls from grandparents who have cared for their grand children for years and would like to obtain legal protections to ensure an absent parent doesn’t uproot the children at a moment’s notice. The Maryland Court of App

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Findings Required to Order Sibling Visitation Against a Parent’s Wishes

Maryland divorce lawyer discussionon a recent case covering visitation among siblings. the Court of Appeals held that before ordering visitation among siblings against a parent’s desire, court must first make a finding of parental unfitness or exceptional circumstances showing a significant negative impact on the child seeking visitation.

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Limited Divorce Granted with Parties Still Living Together

903 A.2d 857393 Md. 479Robert M. RICKETTS, Jr.
Mary C. RICKETTS.No. 136, September Term, 2003.Court of Appeals of Maryland.July 28, 2006.Page 858


Page 859

Richard D. Rosenthal (Tydings & Rosenberg L.L.P., on brief), Baltimore, MD, for Appellant.

William P. Englehart, Jr. (Nolan, Plumhoff &am

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Limited Divorce on Constructive Desertion

Maryland individuals can seek limited divorce on the ground of constructive desertion. To sustain the complaint successfully, one must alleged that the other spouse’s conduct rendered the marital relation intolerable and compelled him or her to leave.  Any misconduct that makes it impossible for one party to stay in the marriage without

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Limited Divorce on Desertion Ground

Maryland individuals can obtain a limited divorce on the ground of desertion pursuant to Md. Code Family Law 7-102(a)(3). A party seeking a limited divorce on desertion ground needs to prove that:

1. The ending of cohabitation – end of sexual relations

2. Intent f the deserter to end the marriage

3. Intent to abandon and end the

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Absolute Divorce on the Ground of Desertion

An absolute Divorce on the ground of desertion requires:

1. The Desertion continued for 12 months without interruption before filing of divorce complaint – Parties have to show that they have not resumed relations or slept under the same roof for over 12 months.

2. Proof that the desertion was deliberate and final

3. There is no

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